SidekickHealth launch program that prevent stress-related health problems

24 April, 2017

An innovation that motivates you to make valuable lifestyle choices. Sounds good, right ?! The United States is ahead of us with preventive programs. Now we have the chance to catch up via SidekickHealth. More and more employers in Sweden want to take responsibility and make active choices for improved health.

“A high sugar intake is directly linked to stress and leads to costly but in many cases preventable lifestyle diseases, so we know our focus should be to support employers,” says Saemundur Oddsson, physician and one of the founders of Sidekick Health, one of Sahlgrenska Science Parks exciting digital health growth companies. A study conducted shows that 9 out of 10 users reduced their intake of sweets.

With a trend towards lower stress levels and improved health at work, employers will see a boost in productivity and get more committed staff. And win-win!

“We have learned a lot in the United States, where they are at the forefront of preventive work. Using SidekickHealth for three weeks gives an energy boost. Our program with SidekickHealth in combination with personal coaching is the key to changing the lifestyle for long-term individuals at risk of developing lifestyle diseases.

The secret of the interactive mobile solution is that it looks like a fun game but under the surface it is coded for behavioral changes such as increasing excercise or recovery. “Our brains do not always make logical choices. Therefore, we have developed SidekickHealth to enable emotional triggers and brain reward systems when choosing a healthier lifestyle, says Saemundur Oddson.

SidekickHealth has been developed in collaboration with Harvard researchers and MIT Media Lab in the United States. The company currently operates in Gothenburg, Iceland, the UK and the United States.

The stress level at the workplace is the employer’s responsibility. Work-related stress is evident in many surveys, and it is about time to try to slow down the negative development.

For more information, please contact Saemundur Oddsson, MD, founder and Chief Medical Officer, SidekickHealth, phone 070-744 54 51 or e-mail