Six mega trends in Sahlgrenska Science Park report

2 November, 2018

The patient´s influence and the power they have over their own situation are increasing, and will continue to increase. This is one of six megatrends that Sahlgrenska Science Park notes in its survey report The power of coaction – Life Science West Sweden 2018

The trend is one of the most important to bear in mind when developing innovations to meet the major transformation that healthcare and the life science is undergoing.

Life science is spreading to completely different sectors of society, research and business than we have been used to. We see connections to the automotive industry, for example. Healthcare will be available in completely new environments and at other times with mobility solutions and media technology.

Four other strong megatrends from the report are:

  • Specialist care with national principals is being concentrated to a few places with a high level of expertise. There are demands for equal provisions of care regardless of population demographics. Healthcare is organised from a national perspective rather than a regional one.
  • Self-care is becoming the norm – with the exception of hospital care, which is focused on high specialisation in a few places. The patient´s preventive responsibility for his/her own health increases and creates a more personalised care.
  • Healthcare and pharmaceuticals are becoming more precise and adapted to the patient´s individual needs.
  • Digital health and artificial intelligence (AI) are growing business segments. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has had strong growth over the past decade. The intersection of ICT, healthcare and medical technology is attracting investments at an accelerated pace. The development is so fast that it is now possible to talk about a brand-new busieness segment; health tech.

Text: Kenny Genborg