The key is to see the connections

10 April, 2019

What is affecting the well-being of a person,  a team and an organisation? GOOZO helps organisations get answers and suggests action, soon also with the help of AI.

Through new technology and research in real time, one can find out which staff activities are the most optimal at each situation – at organisational, team and individual level. Today, interest in sustainable health is increasing, via preventive healthcare.

– We evaluate activities and look at the outcome in terms of staff health. What is the cost of an activity and what are the results, in terms of health and economics, ”says Ulf Högström, founder of GOOZO.- When it comes to seeing which staff initiative give the best economic effect, GOOZO is today completely unique.

With the system, team managers have a simple, automated tool that shows which personnel investments are to be prioritized and which activities are suitable for the focus area in the near future. It is about an economic algorithm that calculates productivity and financial loss, developed and based upon Swedish and international research.

Learning process and goal follow-up
The next step is a further development through artificial intelligence.

– Machine-driven analysis enables us to understand. The key is to see the connections, both the needs and possible activities and what to do right now. There we meet a great need, since preventive healthcare work is becoming increasingly important. Sickness absence come at a high cost, both from lost work input and reduced quality of life for the individual.

It is also a learning process for the organisation, says the GOOZO team.

– Now that we build AI into the system, one will for example, be able to see: Here we have maximum effect and here we see that short-term absence has decreased. Data-driven analysis can show which initiatives really have an effect. And answer the question: When and how do we do the right thing?

– You should not be afraid to try. All groups are different and one can advantageously test for what is right for the group in question, says Ulf Högström.

– What we want to do is understand the relationships. And work to ensure that more people meet the needs in the right way, with sustainable health in focus.

Grows nationally
Goozo pitches during the investor meeting Life Tech Gothenburg in order to grow nationally. The goal is taking in SEK 4 million during spring.

– We combine healthtech and fintech and now meet a great interest, says Ulf Högström.

The company that started up through Innovatum’s incubator is today also part of GU Ventures and Sahlgrenska Science Parks Accelerator with a focus on financing. Today they are eight people, with a wide range of competencies, who work for sustainable health. And it is evident in the dialogue that GOOZO focuses on well-being, the three people I meet all have close to laughter, not least during the photo session.

The picture shows Ulf Högström, founder and CEO of GOOZO, together with partners Johan Olander and Viggo Wiström.

Together with Högskolan Väst, they have developed an algorithm that is based on data from the private business community and the municipal economic indicators linked to employee health and lifestyle issues. And the collaboration with the academy continues.

– When we start working with an organisation, an employee survey is done to get a starting position. Then a focus area is chosen that is followed up with suggestions for activities and smaller check-ups on an ongoing basis, in order to closely follow the process at individual and team level, says Ulf Högström.

GOOZO started up via Innovatum – one of the six western Swedish science parks that is now part of Inn2Health, a unique, industry-wide collaboration for technology and innovations, which is based on needs in healthcare and care.

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Facts: GOOZO started up in 2016 via Innovatum. Today, they are also part of GU Ventures and Sahlgrenska Science Park. The company is one of several healthtech companies that present their business for investors during the spring’s Life Tech Gothenburg – an event arranged by Sahlgrenska Science Park in collaboration with Connect Region West.