Unique ePsychiatry unit in Gothenburg

29 May, 2017

The e-Psychiatry unit supports the work on digital health in adult psychiatry care at Sahlgrenska University Hospital. They work from idea to development, implementation and evaluation – a unique opportunity for the 46 departments of the hospital as well as for digital health innovators. There is no similar unit in Sweden, barely abroad either …

“It’s good to develop digital methods to benefit all patients,” says Cecilia Dalman Eek, Deputy Chairman of the Sahlgrenska University Hospital Board and Board Member of Sahlgrenska Science Park.

One of our biggest challenges today is to be able to fight mental illness, and here Ann-Marie Wennberg, hospital director, was early of catching up with the need for a new venture. She gave the assignment to Hugo Wallén, the initiator of the ePsychiatry Unit, to ensure that all psychiatric units in SU work to introduce internet treatment in psychiatry.

During the inauguration, many expressed pride that we are at the forefront in Europe with such a unit in Gothenburg (the only similar unit in the world is found in Australia). During the mingle, Area Manager Boel Mörck says that it is good to coordinate psychiatry care and she sees the benefits of giving the patients the opportunity to handle quite a lot themselves.

Digital health is also important for equal care. One goal of the ePsychiatry Unit is to ensure that innovations are being utilised. “There are many companies in the Sahlgrenska Science Park environment who work with healthcare to find new solutions,” says Cecilia Dalman Eek.

The photo shows Hugo Wallén, Cecilia Dalman Eek and Boel Mörck.

Text: Annika Åkervall