What is it about AI that challenges 1928 Diagnostics?

2 October, 2018

As there is great interest in our first artificial intelligence (AI) survey, we are following the life science companies involved in artificial Intelligence during the year.

Hello Susanne Staaf from 1928 Diagnostics! What challenge is most important to you?

“The biggest challenge in AI for us is to get enough accuracy in, for example, predicting antibiotic resistance. Research has come quite far but there is still a bit left before it can be applied clinically. The first step will be to predict resistance based on simple parameters relating to the patient, such as age, previous history of illness, the patient’s location, gender, etc. In this respect, we can get surprisingly high accuracy.”

“Step two will be to combine this with the bacterium’s genetic markers to get an even better prediction. We will implement AI in our service in a few years’ time when the area has developed a somewhat further. We are already in the process of setting up a first collaboration with an American research team to ensure we are involved in driving the issue forward.”

For more information, see 1928diagnostics.com or contact Susanne Staaf, COO, 1928 Diagnostics by email: susanne.staaf@1928diagnostics.com

Download the Artificial Intelligence report in life science here.

Interview: Annika Åkervall