What is it about AI that challenges TummyLab?

8 November, 2018

TummyLab is one of the West Sweden life science companies working with artifical intelligence. The company has developed a digital healthcare program for patient with IBS.

Hello Anders Elfving from Tummy Lab! What challenge is most important to you?

“One of our AI challenges is the lack of high quality data on foods. The National Food Agency, Sweden own food database is underfinanced. Today, we spend a lot of time gathering, cleaning and annotating data. The better the data we get in, the less effort there is required by the patient to get results.”

 “Another challenge is that the most radical improvements require changes in the healthcare process and initial close collaboration with the healthcare system. The healthcare staff are very much onboard, but we notice that delivering healthcare often demands all the resources and leaves very little capacity over for change work.”

Download the Artificial Intelligence report in life science (in Swedish) here.

Interview: Annika Åkervall