Window of opportunity for West Sweden

5 March, 2019

With access to expert skills in mobility, AI and 5G, there’s a window of opportunity for West Sweden in the paradigm shift for life science. The business community, science parks and the region are now teaming up to take a leading role within healthtech.


West Sweden intends to take the pole position in the technological development which is creating the healthcare of the future: healthtech. This was evident when the City of Mölndal, in collaboration with Sahlgrenska Science Park, gathered a large group of representatives from the business sector and the innovation system from the area.

Cross-industry collaborations provide completely new solutions for healthcare and welfare. They provide a significant competitive advantage for regions that have expert skills in ICT and life science, as well as a strong tradition of collaboration, open innovation environments and test opportunities based on healthcare needs.

The paradigm shift is similar to what is happening in the automotive industry as cars become developing self-driving; with the same skills and the same attitude towards innovation.

“There are great opportunities to attract players from many industries to create completely new collaborations. But it is important to act quickly and together,” says Sahlgrenska Science Park’s Head of Development Magnus Bergendahl.

The meeting in Mölndal included AstraZeneca, Mölnlycke, Cochlear, GoCo, Vitartes, the West Sweden Chamber of Commerce, Business Region Gothenburg, Lindholmen Science Park, Johanneberg Science Park and Västra Götaland region.

“We got great buy-in for the idea of developing a close collaboration within healthtech. Now we will develop this further into a concrete plan of action,” says Magnus Bergendahl.