Winner of eHealth Award 2018: Kontigo Care

26 April, 2018

31 companies entered the eHealth Award 2018. Kontigo Care won with its solution for addiction treatment. The prize was awarded by the Swedish Minister for Health and Social Affairs, Annika Strandhäll, during the opening ceremony of Vitalis, the eHealth conference.

For the second year running, Sahlgrenska Science Park, Vitalis, HealthTech Nordic and Cerner Sweden arranged the eHealth Award – with the aim being to recognise Swedish innovations in digital health that can contribute to more effective and safer health care processes and more engaged patients. Swedish Minister for Health and Social Affairs, Annika Strandhäll, awarded Kontigo Care with first prize at the Vitalis conference in Gothenburg, Sweden.

“The Swedish government prioritises welfare and the continuous development of health care. If you become ill, you should be able to trust that you will receive quality and safe care, and health care professionals should feel confident they have the tools they need. Kontigo Care is an exciting company that helps to strengthen health are. They deserve to win the eHealth Award 2018,” says Annika Strandhäll.

Reduces addiction relapses

Relapses and a lack of continuity in care have been identified as the main shortcomings in today’s addiction care. A relapse generates great suffering for the individual and her/his friends and family. It is also costly for society. Kontigo Care’s Previct platform enables prediction, which allows relapses to be identified early and, in some cases, avoided completely.

“Addictions like alcoholism are a disease. Depending on the nature of the disease and the stigmatisation in society, this group of patients often seeks care very late. With our solution, caregivers and caretakers can interact easily and naturally to achieve long-term and sustainable results,” says Henrik Nordlindh, CEO at Kontigo Care AB.

The eHealth Award 2018 is aimed at Swedish small businesses with an innovative solution or product that has already demonstrated benefits for patients and healthcare providers, who have included the end user in their development work. Kontigo Care came out on top as they achieved very good results in their pilot project with favourable outcomes for patients, relatives, healthcare staff and organisation, as well as society at large.

“As I see it, Previct can be a step in the right direction towards more proactive health care, whilst also strengthening a patient group with considerable needs. It’s a good example of community care supported by new technology,” said Emma Spak, jury member, ST doctor in general medicine and coordinator for community care at SKL.

Motivation of the jury

The jury consisted of Agneta Granström (Norrbotten region); Emma Spak, (Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions); Håkan Hedman (Swedish Kidney Association); Marianne Larsson (Innovation Skåne); Maria Sterner (Vitalis); Niklas Eklöf (Swedish eHealth Agency); and Rebecca LaNasa (Cerner Sweden).

The jury’s motivation for the winner, Kontigo Care, reads:

« Kontigo Care delivers a product in line with Vision eHealth 2025. Their digital solution brings benefits to patients, relatives, caregivers and organizations, as well as to society at large. A widespread problem is addressed, leading to improved treatment quality for a large patient group. The winner also contributes to achieving the national ambition for more engaged patients and equal care. The solution is highly scalable and has great potential for other applications in health care. The winner of the eHealth Award 2018 is Kontigo Care ».