Words on the way from Pam Fredman

30 August, 2017

As our active board of directors develops, I had the privilege of interviewing Pam Fredman, Principal of Gothenburg University for 11 years and Board member of Sahlgrenska Science Park 2015-2017.

– Sahlgrenska Science Park is very much on the right track! As a member of the Board, I was pleased to learn that everyone has respect for dialogue and debate, since it is time to agree on decisions, says Pam Fredman. Among other things, the board has agreed on a vision, “Together, we make Western Sweden a world-class life science region, with competitive companies in a global market.”

“The challenge is that there are many players who want to join an exciting arena. There the owners have the responsibility that there is no duplication of work and it is an advantage with a relatively small board for a forward-looking business, “says Pam Fredman. – All development today must also have a sustainability perspective. When it comes to health, the recipient mostly reflects the whole community and when different experiences meet, it can lead to innovation. Diversity in competence is therefore important and provides competitiveness to the companies. We have all the skills in Göteborg here and it is important to invite and take care of this.

It is obvious that Pam Fredman is passionate about knowledge and now she has the opportunity to use her experiences and take on new challenges, including as the government-appointed special investigator for the investigation of governance for strong and responsible institutions. She leaves the relay to Eva Wiberg, newly appointed Principal of Gothenburg University.

In the picture: Pam Fredman and Marianne Dicander Alexandersson (our chairman of the board).