Report: Sector convergence – a significant growth opportunity!

We are seeing sector convergence and more industrial collaborations than ever before. This is changing the business landscape and providing the basis for new innovative solutions. As in all industrial shifts, the transformation involves challenges for corporations and established brands, but also exciting business opportunities for new entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial organizations.

The convergence we are witnessing is a growth opportunity and puts the Gothenburg region in a unique position, thanks to its high density of expertise and capabilities. Investors and corporates are seeking out cross-sector opportunities in search of new and disruptive innovations.

The industry is undergoing a shift characterized by increased interest for de-risking high-tech innovations. We are seeing the evolution of new collaborative models along with the search for multiple utilities of innovation, influenced by open innovation.

The report also points to the significant leverage effect that can come from an even more developed cooperation and prestigeless collaboration between different sectors, corporations and the innovation system.

Lead Author
Carl-Peter Mattsson, Business Advisor, Head of Investor Relations and External Capital, Sahlgrenska Science Park

Martin Svensson, Co-Director, AI Innovation of Sweden, Lindholmen Science Park

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